Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma: Fanservice, fanservice everywhere

I have a vacillating relationship with this anime. On the one hand, there is so much to love about it, on the other hand – boobage, boobage everywhere. The feminist in me screams at the fanservice in this anime.



So what’s it about?

Meet Soma Yukihira, a high school student who helps his dad in their local family diner. Soma is quite the cook, but when it comes to competing with his dad, he always fails. When Soma’s father gets a new job, he enrols Soma in an elite culinary school – Totsuki Academy – hoping he will cultivate his skills and be the best chef he can be. Soma meets all kinds of interesting chefs in Totsuki – some who are his rivals, other who are his friends and others who teach him valuable lessons on success and failure.  Also, watch as everyone gets extremely turned on by food in this anime – taking ‘food porn’ to a new level.

To binge or not to binge?

Following a typical shonen pattern, Shokugeki no Soma has about 3 or 4 story arcs in the first season. If you don’t want to binge watch the entire show in one stretch, you can break it up into the different story arcs and watch an arc at a time. A sidenote: There is a scene at the end of the credits in every episode, it helps progress the story, don’t miss it.

[Episodes 1-7 can be watched 2 at time; Episodes 8-14 is one story arc; Episodes 15, 16 are one arc; Episodes 17, 18 are together; Episodes 19 – 24 are one arc]

Is it a gateway anime?

Yes, Food Wars is a gateway anime. It’s fast paced, has humour and if you’re partial to seeing the female anatomy (almost all the women in this show have huge boobs which are barely contained by their attire), this is for you.

Dub or sub?

There is no English dub of this anime. I suspect this is because of the highly sexual reactions some people have to the food on this show.

What’s to like?

Oh, what a dilemma this show puts me in. I love it for the cooking and the concept of Totsuki Academy. I love the different characters, even if their back stories are not completely well fleshed out, they are really likable. I appreciate that there are women chefs who are just as good as their male counterparts. The animation of the food is absolutely delicious, I suggest having something to munch while watching this anime, it will make you very hungry. Also, I do appreciate the fanservice, that is, people getting turned on by the food when it is everyone, regardless of gender. However, the fact is, the fanservice is very lopsided, women are represented more sexually than the men. Furthermore, the women have such big boobs which seem to have some weird buoyancy because they bounce like crazy – that doesn’t happen, people! Also, you need to consider the fact that these are high school students, around 15-16 years old, this hypersexual representation of teenagers is very disturbing.

Nevertheless, I do recommend this anime, it has a good story, animation, humour, and you can learn many of the recipes from the show on YouTube. If you love fanservice in anime – then enjoy those moments in this anime, and if you don’t like fanservice – then gloss over it as much as possible.


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