Akame ga Kill: Blood… so much blood

I know, the title of this post may be an over exaggeration to some and a dissuasion to others. But hear me out and see if you want to watch this anime. I don’t think you’ll regret picking up this one.


So what’s it about?

Tatsumi is a skilled fighter from a small village, he wants to enlist in the army and make money for his village. Accompanied by two of his friends, he sets out to the Capital to work towards his goal. He loses track of his friends on his way and is swindled out of his money once he reaches the Capital. He is then taken in by a noble family, however, a group of assassins known as Night Raid is after the family and other powerful people in the Capital. Once he finds out the reason why he must choose whether to defend the noble family that took him in or join Night Raid, one of the members being the one who swindled him. What ensues is… a lot, A LOT, of blood, killing, death, gore.

To binge or not to binge?

Yes, Akame ga Kill is for binge watching. You may not want to, but I suggest giving yourself enough time to binge this anime because, invariably, you are going to want to keep moving forward.

Is it a gateway anime?

Yes, Akame ga Kill is a good place to start with anime. Many anime that are based on manga usually give you a segment of the story and you are meant to continue the rest of the story by reading the manga. The great thing about Akame ga Kill is that it has a definite story. This makes it good for anime beginners who are not interested in getting into manga as well. You should note that the manga is still going on and from what I can see, it is taking a different route from the anime. Nevertheless, the anime has a good solid story.

Dub or sub?

I have not checked out the English dub, so my recommendation is Japanese with subtitles. But, if you want to watch the fantastic action without having to read, naturally, the dub is for you. Actually, give me 10 minutes, let me just go check out the dub and let you know.


It’s not bad, but Akame sounds cooler in the Japanese version.

What’s to like?

Akame ga Kill has a solid story line. It does a good job establishing background information, has great world building, and has compelling characters. Agreed, there is some fanservice (this is shonen after all) but the women are strong, badasses who can and will take down anyone standing in their way. In fact, women are REALLY well represented in this anime. There is a mild element of “harem” in this – quite a few women seem to care/fawn over Tatsumi which I don’t think was necessary. It has good fight scenes and there are a variety of interesting weapons which are used by different characters. It also has a really great soundtrack. Regarding the gore aspect – yes, there is quite a bit but it really isn’t the goriest anime you’ll ever see, definitely not. However, if you’re extremely squeamish, this is your warning about this anime.

If you are a fan of The Hunger Games or Game of Thrones, I think Akame ga Kill is the anime for you.


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