Noragami: The gods ARE crazy!

This will be my review for Noragami and Noragami Aragoto (we’ll refer to both collectively as Noragami). May I also say, while I am looking forward to a second season of – Food Wars and One Punch Man, I would trade both those for a THIRD season of Noragami.


So what’s it about?

Yato, a minor God who lacks a shrine to his name tries to make himself more popular by granting any human’s wish for the price of 5 yen. In his quest to garner popularity, he meets Hiyori, a human girl, and Yukine, a wandering spirit. He takes on Yukine as his weapon to destroy corrupted spirits that plague humans and Hiyori is along for the ride because Yato has not been able to grant her wish. The trio often encounter other, more popular Gods, who like, dislike, and just about tolerate Yato.

To binge or not to binge?

Noragami is very binge-worthy! Both seasons have rich story arcs which will keep you wanting more. If I have a complaint about this anime it’s that it doesn’t have enough episodes. I would suggest planning a weekend around Noragami (25 episodes), you will not regret it!

Is it a gateway anime?

Yes, Noragami is a great place to start with anime. Though, warning, every subsequent anime that you watch will have pretty big shoes to fill. I am not saying Noragami is the greatest anime ever, but, it has got all the elements of a great anime. So watching it as your introduction to anime might set some high expectations.

Dub or sub?

Honestly, both work well. You could do either English dub or Japanese sub. The OVAs for Noragami have not been dubbed, so if you want consistency in your viewing experience, go for the subtitled version.

What’s to like?

How do I put this?… EVERYTHING! The story is rich, the animation is great, the OP in both seasons is fantastic, and all the characters are well fleshed out and interesting. Speaking of great characters – Noragami has some of the best female characters – they range from badass to smart to caring to whimsical, they are not hyper-sexualised and are not damsels in distress. There is comedy, good story, emotional moments, interesting action scenes, and ship-worthy moments (for those interested in a little romance). If I have to be negative – maybe the main antagonist in season 1 is not particularly great, but that’s such a minor problem. Also, like I said before – I wish the show had more episodes or a guaranteed 3rd season. Here’s hoping that season 3 gets picked up.

If you haven’t watched Noragami… what are you waiting for? Go watch it right now!


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