One Punch Man: Of punching and parody

This will be fun to write! One Punch Man cannot be spoiled because there really is not that much plot. Hopefully, there will be in Season 2, but Season 1, nope. Let’s go!


So what’s it about?

Saitama is the hero/protagonist of the show and boy, is he strong! Saitama can take out any enemy, villain terrorising  his city with… you guessed it… ONE PUNCH! Yes, that’s it. Follow Saitama as he battles outrageous monsters and climbs his way up the hero hierarchy that is the Heroes Association (an official organization, which you have to officially join, to be an official hero… officially!).

To binge or not to binge?

There is nothing really binge-worthy, a few episodes carry over to the next but essentially each episode is quite self-contained and while there seems to be an overarching HINT of a plot, there is not much of one in Season 1. However, if you want to binge watch it, you can, it’s short and will take a day (12 episodes) to get through Season 1.

Is it a gateway anime?

You could watch One Punch Man as a gateway anime, but the fun in this anime lies in how it parodies other shonen anime. So being familiar with the big shonen animes like – One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, and Dragon Ball Z (particularly DBZ) – will allow you to really appreciate the show.

Dub or sub?

There is an English dub version in the works, but it hasn’t released yet. However, I am unsure how well they will be able to capture Saitama’s perpetual boredom and cluelessness. So I would actually suggest the subtitled version. On the other hand, the visual aspect of One Punch Man is really epic. So waiting for the dubbed version might be a good thing in order to give your undivided attention to the anime.

What’s to like?

The punching! (ha ha ha) Yes, obviously the action is great. It has got good comedy elements to it as well, particularly how it parodies super strong heroes from other animes that are exceptionally/out-of-this-world strong but still struggle to overcome villains. By contrast, Saitama does it with a blank expression and… you guessed it… ONE PUNCH! I also loved the animation of the different monsters/villains that attack. A negative, in my opinion, I wish there were more female characters in the show. That being said, the ones that are there, I am glad that they are not overly sexualised which is usually the norm in shonen. I also wish there was more story in the anime, but I am sure they will resolve that issue in Season 2.

So if you are looking for action, comedy and a refreshing take on the hero trope, One Punch Man is absolutely the show for you.



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