Now You See Me: Movie Review

Yes!!! Finally! A summer movie which was thoroughly enjoyable! Of course it’s not the best movie out there, both with regard to magic and heists but I haven’t seen anything particularly good this summer and this movie was like a breath of fresh air! So much so that I am willing to forgive the cliched ending.


The trailer is pretty much a condensed version of the first 20 minutes of the movie. You have four magicians, played by Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher and Dave Franco (James Franco 2.0). They each work their own circuit but are brought together by someone to combine their different talents. The movie then fast forwards to a year later where these 4 magicians run a fairly successful show in Las Vegas and they call themselves the Four Horsemen. Things become intriguing when they perform a trick (which is in the trailer) where they rob a bank in Paris. This leads to Mark Ruffalo entering the picture, who’s an FBI agent trying to find ANY evidence to catch the Four Horsemen. Add a spiffy Interpol agent to the scene, forgive me, I don’t know the actress’ name. Throw in Morgan Freeman, an ex-magician gunning to reveal the trade secrets of other magicians and Michael Caine a business mogul of sorts who is the benefactor of the Four Horsemen and a pan American chase from Las Vegas to New Orleans to New York and that’s Now You See Me.

What I liked about this movie was that it hit the ground running and didn’t really lose pace. It maintained the entertainment value quite consistently. It was a fun ride and absolutely worth the cost of a theatre ticket. Plus, you had a good cast in place, maybe Dave Franco was a bit overshadowed by everyone else, but the cast worked wonderfully together. The script was well written, it was smart, witty, fast and kept you interested. The end, like I said, was a LITTLE flat, but forgivable because the rest of the movie was great. I mean, it’s one of those endings which would seem very familiar to you if you like to watch heist movies.

Harrelson and Eisenberg have excellent chemistry which goes back to when they did Zombieland and as usual they both dropped several witty one-liners. Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman are… well… they’re Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman! This is their fourth movie together, the other 3 being Nolan’s Batman Trilogy and we all know how well those movies turned out! Mark Ruffalo was good as an annoyed FBI agent who is always getting outsmarted by 4 magicians. Isla Fisher was wonderful, she has more range than I ever gave her credit for. The visuals and illusions were great fun to watch and although it’s probably impossible to do such things in reality, it was nice to get lost in the “magic”.

Bottom line, I say you must watch this movie just for its fun factor. Plus, if you enjoy watching movie in theatres, and are without much choice, this one is worth your money.


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