Man of (not really that much) Steel.

I was going to postpone this review, till I was jobless enough to actually right it, but if I keep my feelings about this movie in for much longer I think I’ll pull out all my hair!


I guess you can tell that I didn’t like the movie. Actually, it’s that I am upset with the movie and Chris Nolan and David Goyer and Zack Snyder! Especially the first two, Goyer and Nolan gave us the Batman Trilogy, and what a trilogy that was! How did they mess up this one? Were they not invested enough in it? Were there some terrible editing decisions made that made the script seem so choppy? I don’t know what went wrong but I do know something was wrong with this movie. Yes, Nolan said all creative control was in Snyder’s hands but I think he should have pulled the reigns a bit on that one, we’d have got a better script then.

As I said, the script seemed very choppy. The first 20 minutes had a flow to it and the remainder of the first half of the movie was a volley of flashbacks and present day occurences. While that worked to some extent, there was a lot that was lost in between. Yes, Clark Kent has super powers and it was interesting to see how he discovered them and his conflict about it as he grew up. But why does he leave home? What led to that? Why did he need to take up various jobs? Why were the answers to his origins (and the Superman suit) in some godforsaken part of the world, covered by 20,000 years of ice? Why not the ship he was sent to earth in?

Then there was Lois Lane. To me Lois Lane has been almost as insufferable as MJ in Spiderman. I thought this time round they’d make her more competent, spunky and not a TOTAL damsel in distress, considering they cast Amy Adams (who’s an Oscar nominee veteran now). I’ll say this, she was fairly good in parts but the relationship between her and Clark Kent escalates WAY too fast. Was that making up for the fact that Christopher Reeves and Brandon Routh never got their respective Lois Lanes? If that was the case, that’s stupid, because a large part of the audience who would be going for this movie would not have watched those movies. The idea of a reboot is to start from scratch. A clean slate.

One thing that was TOTALLY bizarre was this scene when buildings are collapsing everywhere and all the Daily Planet employees are running for their lives. Laurence Fishburne’s Perry White (Editor of the Daily Planet) is unusually fixated with the welfare of this one woman. There’s nothing about any relationship they share before or after this scene. It’s absolutely random and almost completely inconsequential.

Basically, there were too many leaps made. I wouldn’t be surprised if people watched the movie and came out not really understanding what happened. I think there were a lot of assumptions made about how much people know about Superman and so a lot of necessary stuff was left out. Also, why was Jimmy Olsen not in the movie? If we’re going for some amount of nostalgia and analogy, you NEED to have Jimmy Olsen, Boy Editor, he’s not pivotal but it makes old school fans happy and I was looking out for him.

Even though I had all these problems with the movie. There are some positives. First of all, GLASSES! I was thrilled they didn’t get rid of that iconic “accessory”. It’s one of those cheesy fanboy things that just have to be there! Also, they lost the Superman costume underwear, that was a good move because it’s always been a subject of jokes. Second, Zack Snyder cinematography work – BRILLIANT! He really knows how to work that camera! I thought the cinematography was spot on. I really enjoyed watching the fight sequences. A lot of people said it was a bit overdone but I thought it was just right. Third, look out for “Wayne Enterprises” and “Lexcorp” in the final showdown. Fourth, the actors were very competent. Although Henry Cavill didn’t have much to say, he was really good when it came to portraying different emotions. He’s the Superman we needed. Though I felt he screamed a bit too much. Michael Shannon was a good Commander Zod. I know many people are indifferent to him or didn’t like him, but I thought he was excellent. His absolute determination and fierce loyalty to Krypton was well acted. Russell Crowe was a cool Jor-El and I liked that they gave Krypton so much importance. Diane Lane and Kevin Costner were also good as Jonathan and Martha Kent, I’m shocked I’m saying this, but I’d like to have seen more of Kevin Costner.

All in all, Man of Steel was better than its predecessors in the Superman franchise. However, it was not the Superman movie the audience deserved. Here’s hoping that David Goyer has something interesting planned for Man of Steel 2.


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