For those I have hurt over the years

This is going to the final personal post I put up on this blog. I am quite a train wreck at times and unintentionally I’ve hurt some people. So, for you who know me and have been hurt by my actions and writing, this is an apology. To make it MORE CHEESY I shall make it a poem. Enjoy!

I am sorry for my moodiness,

For constantly mopping about loneliness,

For hurting you with things I wrote,

Which really were meant to be a joke.

Trust me when I say,

You dont have to think twice about what you say

I wont get hurt and bottle it all up

I’ve realised I just have to grow up

Forgive me for my somewhat childish demeanor

I’ll be less tempremental in the future

I say sorry because you are my friend

And I’ll love you till the very end.


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