Documentary Review: Searching for Sugar Man

Before I delve into this week’s post on Oscar nominees. I wanted to review one of the documentaries I just watched which has been nominated.

Searching for Sugar Man.


This is the awesome story of fans of the almost unknown artist Sixto Rodriguez and their search for what happened to him. This movie is directed by Malik Bandjellou produced by the same people who produced Man On Wire, which I haven’t seen, but I heard it was incredible! So if you’ve seen that, maybe you’re already convinced to go watch this.

I had never heard of Rodriguez (obviously) and I assume everyone who’s reading this hasn’t heard of him either. However, the crazy thing is, when they start playing his music during the documentary you immediately recognise the quality and talent in it. It’s BIZARRE that he was practically unknown. I mean people talk about how nobody liked Bob Dylan because his voice wasn’t great. But after watching this documentary just compare Dylan’s situation and Rodriguez’s situation.

There is no better way to describe this documentary than to say it is tragically beautiful. It’s poignant. The story as regards the South African fans is wonderful, but Rodriguez’s story, while it has its silver lining, was a bit of a tearjerker for me.

It’s a must watch. Just like Inside Job was a must watch 2 years ago. So go out and find out about Rodriguez and then tell your friends and tell them to tell their friends because I think the name Sixto Rodriguez deserves a better place in music history.

Rating: 5/5


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