50 shades of ‘I-barely-got-through-50-pages’

First of all, I’d seriously judge someone I saw reading this book. Not because of the theme it is supposedly touching on but because of the lack of any depth and the distasteful, poorly written “scenes” in the book. Don’t kid yourself, you’re just reading low grade porn!

I just got to about 50 pages, skimmed through the rest and decided this wasn’t worth my time. I mean, this book is SOOO bad that even the fifty pages i read, mid-way I started skipping the BORING descriptions and just reading the conversations because that seemed to be the only worthwhile thing to read to make out where this story was going. Infact, worthwhile is a total exaggeration, half the time Ana is saying “oh my” or talking about how much she likes “english things”. I wish she was real so I could beat her to death with this book. One conversation which stuck with me is this totally inane one between her and Christian where there are four lines and it goes something like:

“is the room big?”
“it’s big.”


ANOTHER reason why NOBODY should be reading this book is because it’s fan fiction of Twilight. EL James wrote this story as a Bella/Edward story and just switched all the names. Google: snowqueen icedragon master of the universe – There! you don’t even have to pay for this book!

Maybe I didn’t get far enough to know what’s so messed up about Grey that he has to have a crazy BDSM fetish (is that a correct description?) but I honestly don’t believe it’s something spectacularly interesting and I don’t believe that there really is much character development, albeit EL James has written quite a lengthy trilogy. However, I have no interest in finding how this ends because there is nothing interesting about the characters! Ana is a spineless boring person and Grey is a billionaire with weird sexual fetishes, this MAYBE could have been something on the lines of the cult classic Story of O (I haven’t read that, but i hear it’s good) but EL James is not the writer for that considering her inspiration to write is someone like Stephanie Meyer!


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