Dear Mr Jobs, With love.

Dear Mr Jobs,

I woke up on October 6th to news of your death. Though I did’t know you personally and you certainly didn’t know me, it was not something I ever wanted to hear. As the day progressed, the gravity of the news sunk in more and more. It made me think of how much of an impact you have made on the world and how much of an impact you made on my own small little life. And so, this is a letter of thanks.

I remember very clearly the first time I fell in love with an apple product. It was the first iMac and iBook, I mean, what 9 year old can resist a computer and laptop as FUNKY as those two products were. After playing “Nanosaur” on an orange iBook for about an hour, I begged my mom to please buy one for our home, but it was not meant to be.

The first Apple product that I got was the first generation nano. I loved everything about it, the packing, the colour screen and round scroller thingy (I have no idea, what it’s called). When I think about that old iPod now, I think – “my god! I’ll never use that crappy old thing again” why? Because I advanced to the iPod Nano (3rd generation) after tricking my dad into believing my old iPod was broken and then was later gifted an iPod touch which ironically I was completely against (as I thought one might as well buy an iPhone) until I used one and was completely lured into its web of coolness! There’s so much I do on the iPod, there are podcasts and lectures and movies and games. I could keep myself sufficiently entertained for a very long time with just my iPod.

Of course, my most prized possession is my MacBook Pro. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love it! Let’s say I’m a little bit like Gollum when it comes to my Mac! The laptop is what made me realise how ridiculously amazing Apple is. I made whacky videos, messed around with songs, ACTUALLY learned and tuned a guitar! And you were the reason behind so many of Apple’s brilliant ideas, how does one even BEGIN to say thank you?

And it doesn’t stop there! You started up Pixar!!! Pixar has revolutionized animated movies forever! So thank you for that, as well!

Lastly, the Stanford Commencement address, whenever I feel lost, I watch it. It is one of the most inspiring speeches I’ve ever come across. It does wonders to the morale. Mr Jobs, you are an awe-inspiring man!

All I can say now is THANK YOU! I will most definitely miss you, as will so many others. I’ll always remember you when I hear the sound of my laptop switching on, scrolling through songs on my iPod, when I watch Ratatouille for the billionth time and of course when I see you make that wonderful speech. Maybe, sometimes, even when I take the first bite of an apple…


a Steve Jobs fan


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