Kung Fu Panda 2: A Review

Yes, I couldn’t think of a better title! I had to write this while it was still fresh in my memory.

Anyway, Dreamworks has done it again, I think like there’s been some sort of switch of affiliations of the best Pixar animators and they’ve gone to Dreamworks, which is fine by me, as we, the audience, get our fill of good movie going experiences! The animators of movies/stories like A Bug’s Life, Ratatouille, Up, The Incredibles seem to have disappeared from Pixar! Pixar is on this sequel mode, which is really sad because I loved their work for the originality in concept and the incredible way in which they can make you feel a whole spectrum of emotions. Now Cars 2 maybe great, but for some reason, I’m not counting on it! But let’s get back to Dreamworks!

Dreamworks has achieved that quality of making you feel a whole range of emotions seemlessly that Pixar had a monopoly over for like 15 years! Yes, Shrek had that quality, please note, I’m only talking about the FIRST Shrek, because the rest were just, well, not great! Dreamworks has made THREE consecutive movies that are absolutely lovable. How To Train Your Dragon (someone needs to stop me mentioning this movie in every post!), Megamind and most recently, Kung Fu Panda 2.

So now that I’ve given the Dreamworks Animation Studio sufficient praise, let’s talk about the movie. I honestly did not believe I’d enjoy this movie that much. I knew it would be good, but it held its own against the first. I loved how one could watch the movie and enjoy it without watching the first one. Of course, there are those inside jokes you’d get only if you had watched the first one.

The second movie shows growth, which is always nice to see, but it also gives you the stuff you loved from the first movie, like Po’s catchy one-liners. It delves into Po’s past and you learn more about him. There’s a new threat in China – Shen, who plans to destroy Kung Fu. So it’s up to Po and Furious Five to stop him. I think Shen is really cool. It’s a pretty neat idea having a white villainous peacock. That’s all there really is in the story, and that much is also given in the trailer. The only real shocker is the ending, which of course, I cannot disclose. You can keep trying to guess, but you won’t get it till you watch it!

What I loved about the movie: I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the way they used chinese culture in the movie! It was BRILLIANT! Shadow puppets, the boats, fireworks and even the silk garment that Shen wears! I mean the use of all these cultural references just makes a movie that much more intelligent! The other thing I really loved was how you could be feeling sad for Po one moment and then immediately something hilarious happens, they wove the storyline very well. It takes real skill and thought to make the audience not feel like there were these disjointed moments of highs and lows. The 3D was the other thing I liked. It wasn’t as good as How To Train Your Dragon because the flight sequences in Dragon are just ridiculously good, but this will certainly go down as my second favourite 3D experience and I’ve seen quite a few 3D films! The fight sequences are really nice, ESPECIALLY the first one.

What didn’t work for me in the film: I guess the fact that Tigress had to be given a bigger part since she’s voiced by Angelina Jolie, if that was the reason she was given a bigger role. It just seemed a little random at times and left some unanswered questions. Also, that Shifu didn’t have a big role, the banter between him and Po was excellent in the first movie and I missed that in this one.

However, all that could be just left for the next movie. Clearly there will be another Po adventure, because you don’t end a movie the way they did without intending to make another! Which I’m looking forward to, of course!


2 thoughts on “Kung Fu Panda 2: A Review

  1. Really well written! And yeah, I didn’t see the point in bringing in Anjelina Jolie in to voice Tigress. Maybe it’s time for an animated release of Tomb Raider. 😀 Hmmm..


    • Thanks! Glad you liked it! 🙂
      Tomb Raider the game is entertaining enough, you can set her on fire and make her run about till she loses all life, impale her on huge spikes, quite sadistic, but VERY entertaining! 😛


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