Sucker Punch: Guy Utopia!

Yay! Movie review time! Haven’t reviewed one in ages, apart from trashing Toy Story 3 in three blog posts, if I’m not wrong! So let’s get to it.

One day or night, Zack Snyder had this AWESOME dream where these five girls wearing thigh-high boots, sexy clothes and wielding machine guns, katana swords, hand guns and whatever other arsenal you can think of, went around killing robots, dragons, orcs, world war 2 zombies and samurai giants. Then he woke up and decided every guy would want a piece of that experience and THAT’s how Sucker Punch was born!

Now, if you take heed of reviews before you watch a movie, then you’re clearly wary of investing money into Sucker Punch. You shouldn’t be. In general, as a movie-goer few things I’d like a movie to have are: action, easy plot, good visuals and most certainly an escape from reality. Sucker Punch provides all this. I’ve not really read any of the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes but a 20% is a ridiculous rating, ESPECIALLY since Eclipse (3rd installment in the Twilight series for those of you who don’t know) got a 50%, and Eclipse is a BEYOND terrible movie (maybe I’ll tackle THAT in a future post)!

Agreed there’s nothing to the acting, but the movie has more than enough going for it without that. Yes, the dialogue isn’t exceptionally good but who cares? We were there for the action and CGI. I give it a 10/10 for CGI. Increasingly, I appreciate good old 2-D, not everything has jump out at you!¬†Moreover, I didn’t find myself cringing at the conversations which was the case with Matrix Revolution and I was only 14 when that came out. Plus I don’t think Zack Snyder was aiming for award glory with this. You also have to hand it to the girls, they went through 3 months of training for the movie and I think it was well worth it.

Brief Summary: Girl loses mother, girl hates step-father. Step father seems like a pervert (I feel). Girl tries to stop him doing something bad to her sister so she a takes gun, shoots, bad aim, hits sister. Is sent to a mental asylum. In order to escape the mental asylum she is told by a “Wiseman” to collect 4 things which she does by creating EPIC dreamworlds where she fights with her beautifully engraved Katana sword and a handgun, add 4 other girls who also want to escape and you have Sucker Punch. What I’ve related is all in the trailer. Which is all that is good to give away, just watch the movie for the rest, it lives up to its trailer. There are unexpected things that happen, which was good because it didn’t make the plot TOO straightforward.

Why guy Utopia? Easy! 5 girls clad in slinky clothes, thigh high boots, wielding weapons of your wildest dreams, in situations from any gamer geek’s heaven, add some fishnets, cigars and a subtle amount (not too loud) of brothel atmosphere, a quote from Sun Tzu and you’re good to go! It’s an unconquerable formula, in my opinion. If you’re a guy and still reading: Oh my god! Why are you still here? Go book a ticket for crying out loud!

Bottom line: It’s a total “Bros” movie just like Hangover was. Go with a totally open mind to have fun with some good friends. If you want to be knit-picky and point out all the flaws then you deserve to find the movie as mind numbing as the critics make it out to be.


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