I (heart) Jabberwocky!

Have you heard of the Jabberwocky? If not, do one of 2 things:

  1. Google it. Read the poem.
  2. If you’re willing to spend more time, pick up Alice In Wonderland and Alice Through The Looking Glass. Read.

I’d obviously suggest the second, I have very fond memories of the two books because my dad used to read them to me as a bedtime story when I was 5 or 6.

If you’ve read the poem, you know it really makes no sense. There are 27 (that’s what I counted) words that make absolutely no sense, you can just imagine what they mean! Frumious? Gimble? Galumphing?

Recently, I’ve taken an immense liking to this poem. So much so, my desktop wallpaper is the poem, I found 15 illustrations by someone (bless you!) of the poem which I’ve been using as my profile pictures on facebook, changing it each day. Side note: no one really noticed! 😛

Why do I love the poem? Well, for one everytime I read it, it doesnt fail to make me smile. Secondly, you’ll NEVER know what Lewis Carroll was REALLY talking about! One can just speculate! In this way, the poem will always make you think, which alot of poems can do, but what makes this one special is that it was written for a children’s book, which all us adults take for granted and believe we can understand without an effort. Third, look at the creativity! The number of words he came up with! It’s awesome!

That’s it! This one is short, I just wanted to talk about this simple and strange poem! 🙂


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