King vs. Queen

I’ve given up on the whole Oscar marathon thing. Why waste my time and energy on movies I really don’t want to watch otherwise. Plus, my reading and writing has taken a back seat thanks to this mad obsession! Also, I did mention my first oscar opinion post would be on the animated film category, and who really wants to see me rant yet again on Toy Story 3?

Today’s post is on movies however. I recently watched The King’s Speech and I couldn’t help but compare it to The Queen. On a side note – if you haven’t watched these movies, please do! I think they are really well made films and they aren’t overstated.

A little background – The King’s Speech is based on King George VI who had a stammer and how with the support of his wife and an unusual speech therapist he overcomes this impediment. The Queen is about Queen Elizabeth II (fun fact: she’s King George VI’s daughter!) during the time after Princess Diana’s death and how she was generally hated by the British public.

Why are the movies similar? Well clearly, Britian loves their monarchy dearly, these movies are very pro-monarchy. In fact, I recently heard that there was going to be a TV movie on Prince William and Kate Middleton’s “courtship” or something! I mean, obviously The King’s Speech is all optimistic and about overcoming obstacles but even though The Queen shows how the public were against Queen Elizabeth during the period after Diana’s death, you actually sympathise with her.

Another similarity is the crisp and understated way in which both movies have been made. There is nothing loud and explosive (so to speak) about them. They are just well made, interesting and engaging movie, with a bonus quasi-history lesson. I say quasi because screen-writers always mess with historical facts.

The third point of comparison is that Helen Mirren won an Oscar for The Queen and if Colin Firth doesn’t win… well… REALLY ACADEMY???

So check out these movies, I highly recommend them. Yea, I didn’t come up with as many comparisons as I thought I could. Let me know if you find others!


One thought on “King vs. Queen

  1. Well, he won a Golden Globe. I think the BAFTA was deserved by Geoffrey Rush. To be honest, I think both of them should have a shot for Academy Awards because Rush’s acting is superb. But Colin Firth has the nomination for leading role…


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