Welcome to the New Year

Yes, I know this post is LONG overdue! Happy New Year to you! Super-belated one at that!

The reason I’m doing this post now is because I have my Oscar marathon starting. The nominations were out yesterday and now I’ll try and watch all the films nominated and give my opinion.

Why? Because I like to!

I’m only going to concentrate on the big categories. I mean, I appreciate things like sound editing and film editing but I can’t watch a movie FOR those specific things!

Last year, I failed miserably at this Oscar marathon, but this year I’m tackling it category-wise. So expect a review every now and then when I’m done with one category. Look forward to “Best Animated Feature” first because I have only one movie to watch in that category, I’ve watched practically every other animated film of 2010 and I have a serious bone to pick with the Academy about that category!

So, after looking through the categories, let me give you my first impressions about it:

  1. The 10 film thing for “Best Picture” is STUPID! I mean, these guys are THROWING in films just to fill up that category! And if you do need to keep that many nominees then at least pick some QUALITY movies!
  2. Am I the ONLY person in this planet who thinks Toy Story 3 is NOT a stroke of genius??? Usually, I’ll champion a Pixar movie, but this is ridiculous. “Best Picture”, “Best Animated Feature” and “Best Adapted Screenplay”??? Adapted from what Toy Story 1 and 2??? pfffbbtt!
  3. 2010 was the year when other animation studios (ESPECIALLY Dreamworks) gave Pixar a run for their money. Anyone who’s watched How Train Your Dragon, Despicable Me or Megamind (provided they have BRAINS AND HAVE NOT  FALLEN INTO TO THE SINISTER TOY STORY TRAP) will tell you so! So why has the Academy stuck to just 3 films, make a 5 film category like others!!!
  4. Does the Academy know that Inception didn’t just come into existence. Or that it wasn’t created by magical beings like Leprechauns and Fairies??? Chris Nolan deserved a “Best Director” nomination, maybe he wouldn’t have won, but he deserved it!
  5. On a brighter note, I’m happy John Powell was nominated for “Best Original Score” and I like the nominees in the “Costume Design” category and I like that Deathly Hallows was nominated for “Visual Effects” because that movie has some really good scenes!

And now I’m done ranting! Let me know what you think.


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