“Fowl” Is Fair

I had promised (on my twitter account, I think) that I would do a review of the latest Artemis Fowl. This won’t go up till tomorrow or day after, but since I’m not studying and am not particularly sleepy (it’s 11pm in case you’re wondering), I’m writing it now.


Artemis Fowl And The Atlantis Complex. Like every other Eoin Colfer I pick up, I pick it up squealing with joy because I truly respect this man’s works! But I was disappointed with this one and it’s only because of the ending. I suppose I expected a more spectacular ending because if you’ve read The Eternity Code, Lost Colony and The Time Paradox, you know how great the ending of an Artemis Fowl book can be.


I liked the title of this one because, as the back cover says, there is an attack on the city of Atlantis and Artemis cannot help because he’s suffering from a sort of Multiple Personality Disorder which the fairies call Atlantis Complex. So the play on Atlantis Complex was great! But there really wasn’t much of an attack. It was really a damper!


Yes, I know I’m not selling this book if you’re a Fowl fan. I’ll give you this though – there are some good comedic scenes dealing with Artemis’ MPD, I won’t say more because I don’t want to ruin it. I also honestly believe that this book was a setup for the which will follow. There is a lot of mention of “the-person-who-we-all-thought-was-dead-but-came-back-at-the-end-of-Time-Paradox” as “that person” is not the villian in this story. See how nice I am not spoiling Time Paradox for those who’ve not read it! :P.


The end is not definite, so I’m about 98% sure that there will be another book. Infact, I won’t be surprised if THAT will be the last book in the series. There are some cool gizmos, some good scenes in the first 3-4 chapters. If you love Artemis Fowl like I do, I recommend you finish the whole book. And I hope for your sake and mine that there is a next Artemis and I hope it’s awesome because this book left a bland taste in my mouth (it wasn’t bad, but it didn’t meet previous Fowl standards!).


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