Trashing Twilight

So, if you LIVE in this world you have, 99 percent, heard about Twilight. In that case you fall into one of the following 3 categories:
a. You love these books and recommend as if it is a literary masterpiece. (Advice: READ REAL BOOKS!!! I think I can recommend a few!)

b. You’re totally indifferent to it or are mildly annoyed by it as it makes no sense why people are into it. You’ve probably not read the books.

c. You’ve read Twilight, you liked it, but now you wonder “what were you thinking?” and you consider that period in your life as a mini “dark age” so to speak! (I come from here!)

I’m not going into the movies because, well, if you’re from category b. and c. you know well that the badness of the movies knows no bounds. If I’ve “offended” people from category a. – get over yourselves! Go out and find something meaningful to do with your lives besides pining over people with 0 depth and 0 personality!
Anyway, the point of this post was not really to go into what’s wrong with the book. I wanted to recommend to my fine reader (wishful thinking = readerS) to watch these videos ESPECIALLY if you come from category c.
Alex Reads Twilight
If you want a good laugh on a dull day, I think these will do you some good! It’s always good to laugh at yourself and I consider this laughing at yourself if you come from “c.” because it’s like laughing about a bad decision you made.

Till next time.


One thought on “Trashing Twilight

  1. bluecloverbelle says:

    I would have to say i am now option C, i did LOVE the books when my friends bought me the set for Christmas last year, but after reading someone’s blog about how wrong it was, i have to agree with them!
    Mind you, i read them as a normal person, and then re-read them as a literature student and i can find many points to criticise in them!


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