Artist only!

There are a few movies you watch that are:

1. Totally different from the movies you regularly watch.

2. You don’t completely get the point of the movie after watching it

3. But even in your lack of comprehension you think it’s a really great movie and decide to recommend it to the whole world.

I watched a movie like that yesterday – Exit Through The Gift Shop. I came across this movie on Rotten Tomatoes, which I consider my bible for what movies to watch because invariably their reviews and grading is reliable, I don’t agree with it completely, but my taste in movies go in almost the same direction. So this movie had got a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. With a rating like that I obviously had to watch it.

Now, when you just hear the title, you really don’t know what to expect of the movie. And, honestly, after watching the movie I’m not sure what the significance of the title really is. Anyway, if you haven’t checked out the link in the title above – Exit Through The Gift Shop is about some of the most prolific (I think) graffiti/street artists of our time. It’s supposedly a documentary that follows the life of a man who wanted to make a film about Banksy a graffiti artist from Britian who’s identity is unconfirmed. Side note: watch this movie or google Banksy, I think he’s very cool!

I can’t tell you what exactly happens in the movie, because you don’t expect the reversal of roles (so to speak). However I really recommend you watch it. Once you finish watching it alot of possibilities will run through your mind. I’ll get you started on that, because I didn’t think of any of this till I checked out some sites on google:

1. Is this a real documentary?

2. Is it a prank by Banksy to show us how gullible people are and how willing they are to climb on the bandwagon?

3. Is he criticising the over-commercialisation of street art?

If you can think of anymore after watching the movie, let me know! Then we can also discuss the awesomeness that is Inception! šŸ˜›


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